Friday, October 1, 2010

Murder Mystery Cake

My friend invited us to a Murder Mystery dinner and asked if I make dessert.  Of course, I had to make a cake!  The concept was the story line of the night, which we had already gotten a preview of.  We need that the bride had been killed just before the wedding and we were there to figure out who did it.

I thought I'd go pretty litteral and have a dead bride on the cake with blood.  For the cake itself, I made the most delicious red velvet and cream cheese frosting.  It was to die for! (No pun intended)

For the dead bride, I was going to try and use modeling chocolate, but it was easier for me to just buy a doll and stick her in the cake.  So that's what I did.
Note, that I have no idea how to layer a cake, so I just kept stacking and hoped the doll would keep it together.  She did, but she also moved the layers to make it look even more like a dress.
What I ended up with is a cake that they do for Cake Decorating with Wilton, that I have never taken.  Very similiar in how it turned out.
The blood is a mixture of food coloring and Karo syrup.  For chunky blood, you use peanut butter and it looks quite real!
The cake was so good and everyone loved it, even though it wasn't that unique.

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