Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fondant Flowers

I have been looking all over for cake decorating classes, but haven’t had success.  I finally found a basic’s course, but the teacher was awful!  She didn’t even know how to ice a cake!  There was a different instructor for Flowers & Cake Design, so I thought I’d join that class and see how she was.

I loved the instructor.  She was very understanding and helped by telling stories of experience rather than consulting the book.  I was so glad to meet her.  For one of our classes, we learned Fondant flowers and how to use cut outs.  I thought I would use this technique for my cousin’s daughter’s 1st birthday.

The cut out flowers are very cute on their own and very easy to use when you first learn them.  I made the cake vanilla and had vanilla buttercream.  It was very simple, but very cute and I will be using the cut outs more in the future.

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