Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Now that I had made one cake, I was a pro right?  This should be easier every time!  I decided to make Chocolate cake, again with my pie pans.  The cake looked great.  I decided to make chocolate frosting, a lot of it....I thought.

Later in the night, I started to fill the cake.  I learned that if you leave the cake for a while, it decides that it never wants to leave it's pan again!  I tried my very best, but with no luck, the cake crumbled.  I decided I would still use it and forced that cake into a pile.

When frosting, turns out that I didn't make even close to enough.  So I dug in the fridge a pulled out some old vanilla pink icing.  I felt very defeated at this point because nothing I could do would make this cake better and it was just way worse then even my first cake.
Ugh.  Regression.  I did find a package of sprinkles and I felt like that made it a little better.  It tasted really good, I just could not get it to look good as well.

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