Monday, September 20, 2010

The First Cake

I had been thinking to myself after watching sooo many cake shows, "I can do that!"  On a weekend road trip to Prescott, AZ I decided to make my cake debut.

I went to the local grocery store and bought what I thought would be perfect.  Funfetti cake, chocolate frosting, and some colors for the decorations.  I also picked up 2 9" rounds and plastic decorating tips.  Surely this is all I needed to succeed.

As I was waiting for my cake to bake and as I was tickled with anticipation of my first ever cake (or baking item for that matter) was almost done, my friend from Prescott asked if I had read the directions for high altitude.  What??!  I never thought that being up in the mountains at about 5,400 feet would do anything different to a cake!  Apparently it does.  So, my semi-burnt and semi-awkward cake came out right then.  I also figured out that I had bought pie pans, not cake pans...who knew!

It was okay.  So I started out to frost.  I dipped my butter knife in my container of frosting and starting smothering that cake.  After it was covered in all the chocolate I could possibly get on it, I attempted to smooth it out with the knife.  I'd seen this so many times on tv, how could this be hard?  I channelled the Cake Boss as got into "the Zone."

Upon exiting "the Zone," I found that the cake did not look like I had imagined.  In fact, it looked like a kid played with it.  The writing saying, "We heart Brandon," wasn't as professional as I thought.  Upon further review of my work and standing back a bit, it wasn't quite what I wanted to accomplish.  I thought I was making an amazing cake, one that you would want to buy from the store.  I may have missed the mark, but I stand by my "Brandon" cake.  I think for my first cake ever, it wasn't that bad.  It tasted pretty good, too!

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