Friday, November 19, 2010

Train Wreck

We had family coming over and I decided last minute to make a Thomas train cake.  I thought, it's probably easy enough.  Boy was I wrong.

The cake was another Coca-Cola cake called the Chocolate Coca Cola cake and the key ingredient here was cinnamon.  The cake went very well, which was good since I had to hurry to do the rest.

I rolled green fondant semi-successfully over the cake.  It was better than my very first try, but not that great either.  Then, I molded trains out of cake that I carved and wrapped them in fondant.

At this point, I should have realized that this cake wasn't turning out how I wanted, but for some reason I kept going.  The black Wilton frosting I had bought to draw the train track exploded and would not cooperate.  There was black everywhere and no where were I wanted it.

I also dug a whole out of the cake, thinking it would give the illusion that the train was going into the cake.  Instead, it looked as those someone ate part of the cake.
All in all, this was a train wreck.  Nothing looked right and the train characters were barely recognizable.  However, the kid I made the cake for knew what I was attempted for, and for that, it was successful.

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